What about us? Prime Minister

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Two years ago the British People voiced their wish to come out of the European Union. However, a voice living among the British was not heard.

Eight weeks until Article 50 comes into action and the United Kingdom will be officially out of the European Union. After nearly two years of alleged preparations and negotiations, the only thing that seems to have been achieved is arriving at the paradox of the popular TV game “Deal or no-Deal”.


The weather doesn´t seem to be the favourite talking point for the British People any longer. In each corner, on radio broadcasts, in kitchens, and in lounges someone is always talking about Brexit. Those in favour, Brexiters, fixated on coming out of the European Union whatever the cost. Those against it, Remainers, stuck on the idea of a new referendum. In the middle of everything, in the midst of, are those of us who didn´t have a say or a voice (because in fact we weren´t allowed to vote in the Referendum) although the results will affect us equally: we are the European immigrants of Brexit. Europeans, who without detaching totally from their motherland went to another land to live.  In that new land, many of us invested our time and effort into putting down roots. Individuals, who were previously moving around our two lands freely as citizens of the Union, but who after Brexit will be losing that status and gaining the immigrant label in a country which we feel is almost our own.

In the midst, or in the mist, of this Brexit chaos, without any plan B, and not even knowing the rules which will replace the European rules, the voice of a minority is rising.  Shouting loudly like the song that the famous singer Pink sings, What about us?  A minority, but a significant one, who resonating with Pink´s song would equally wish to ask Theresa May: What about all the times you said you had the answers?

However, to be honest, no one has the answer to a situation which has reached a deadlock. The decision to leave the European Union was already hindered by the alliance between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic to never have a border between the two territories, even when they do not belong to the same country. This is the main reason which caused the Backstop. The border between the United Kingdom and the European Union which Theresa May agreed on, and which will split the North of Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom. This, in fact, has been the main reason for her agreement to be rejected so badly in Parliament.

It is indeed a very thorny position we are now. With only two months to find a solution to a product already faulty in the factory, what remains is the difficult task of finding the answer for where to put the border between the European Union and the United Kingdom. However, tougher than that will be for us to know which side of the border we are going to be seated?

See you in my next post; we will see where things are.

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