Brexit in Deadlock

A week until Brexit’s deadline and there is no answer, no plan, we don´t even know if the UK is leaving or staying (at least for a while!). Whether you are a remainer or a brexiteer you will agree with me that the situation is a bit of a mess!

Two years and nine months after the Brexit Referendum and the only three options at the table do not satisfy anyone:

a) Sign Theresa May´s agreement, which is a “must have” for her but a “colonialism status” by the majority.

b) Get out with no deal, alright for some but a chaos for others

c) Delay Brexit, the question is, what for?, and for how long?

The House of Common
(source: The INDEPENDENT)

Just a few days ago rising like a phoenix from the ashes, there is a growing Petition to Revoke Article 50 which is reaching records. There are also talks about another Referendum and although, it has been doomed as a non-democratic proposal, it cannot be disregarded yet as a possibility. Another perspective is the one offered by Corbyn, as leader of the Labour party, to leave the European Union but stay in the single market. A remote option is to go straight to a general election; however, a potential change of government is not such a distant likelihood.

Brussels is puzzled watching what is going on among the British People. Why MPs cannot reach an agreement when twenty seven countries have come to a proposal together in less than two days,  offering the UK an extension for Brexit. But the extension will also need to be approved in Westminster.

There is increasing anxiety about the way things might unfold when the UK finally leaves the European Union, if that is the case at the end. The discontent of the people is also growing while the Prime Minister’s position is weaker everyday. Parliament has never been as hectic as it is at the moment, where everybody wants to have a say about Brexit but cannot find a unanimous voice. In fact, deep down, the problem is that nobody knows what is best for Britain. This is what is freezing the country and the way forward, this is the real deadlock.

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