Shall we toss a coin for Brexit?

Four days past the deadline and the country is still in turmoil over Brexit. Parliament might have taken control from the Government but the mood still is not any less uncertain.

Theresa May was not third time lucky after all! Her revised withdrawal agreement was rejected in Westminster once more by a significant majority. Now it is up to the MPs to decide what to do. However, they don’t appear to be reaching an agreement on what they want or on what they don’t want. It is disheartening how Europe keeps asking them what they want, when they do not seem to know the answer themselves.

All being well, MPs hope the Indicative Vote will bring clarity. No-deal by default is at the door,some welcome this news but for others it is a tragedy. The Cabinet is thinking, the public is not sure what about exactly but reporters say they are… As leader of the country, Theresa May could impose a direction for the good of the country. However, could her enforcement be against Parliament’s guidelines? Especially when the Government themselves are far from a common accord as well.

Photo by Ole Witt on Unsplash

People are not only getting bored and tired with Brexit, but they are also getting angry. A Second Referendum, General Elections, Single Market, Long Delay and Removing Article 50 are options which might seem logical to consider for unlocking the deadlock. But, at the same time, they represent a threat to democracy as the original referendum results would have not been executed. Many people think implementing the initial referendum’s results is almost impossible without badly damaging the UK’s economy and no one wants that. And yet, this is just another way of seeing things, as many others claim the UK will navigate successfully through the challenges ahead.

So here we are, ten days until no-deal by default if a unanimous agreement is not reached. I am starting to believe that in the end, on the last day, a toss of a coin might have to decide the fate of the UK

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