All Hallows Brexit

The 31st of October used to mark the end of the Celtic year according to the Gaelic Festival of Samhain where the celebrations of Halloween have its roots. On the other hand, the celebration of All Saints, on the first of November, was added to the Christian Calendar to honour the dead. Coincidentally this year for the United Kingdom, these two dates would mark the beginning of a new era outside Europe or the dead of a European bond.

However, many politicians want to see Brexit finally implemented before the European Elections start on 23 May. There doesn’t seem to be any point, according to them, for the UK to take part in this process. There are cross-party talks between Conservatives and Labour to unlock Parliament’s deadlock, and although the outcome is not extremely promising there are positive signs of reassurance.

Rikki Austin @coldoctober

On a different note (literally speaking according to some!), there is a new party the Brexit party. Nigel Farage, ex-UKIP leader, launched this new party to lead a “democratic revolution” as he claims. One of the most notorious candidates is Annunziata Rees-Mog, sister of the Conservative hard-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mog. However, many brexiteer see the launch of this party as indication that UK would most likely have to take part in the European Elections and they are not that happy.

Among the public the mood is ambiguous. The soft-brexiteers, those who wanted to leave with a deal, are disappointed with the extension of Article 50 although they understand the impossible situation of the Parliament deadlocked to reach an agreement and they don’t want a no-deal Brexit. Those who didn’t mind a non-deal Brexit, hard-brexiteers, not only are disappointed about not leaving on time but also about the Government not having done a proper job. Lastly, the remainers are puzzled. They do not want a Brexit but neither did they want to continue with this uncertainty for much longer.

Above all the noise, the voice of the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani is shouting a message to Theresa May and her contingency plan: The European Elections are “not a game”. The number of British European MPs seems to have diminished from 751 to 705 and Tajani is asking more certainty on these numbers and better disposition from the UK’s Parliament towards the European Elections.

Whatever the outcome, we cannot resist but think that if the UK is still in the EU by the end of October 2019, Halloween is definitely going to be a celebration of Trick or Treat, of mischief or sweet Brexit.

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