Two candidates, one problem: No-Deal Brexit

The final phase of choosing a Conservative party leader is in process and will be decided by the Conservative party members. In two weeks’ time, we will know if Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson is to be the next Prime Minister. The impending problem which the new Prime Minister will have to face will be how to go ahead with Brexit.

The European Union insists that there is no room for manoeuvring when it comes to negotiating a new agreement, as they will only accept the agreement approved with the Acting Prime Minister, Theresa May, that which the British Parliament rejected. However, the British Parliament also rejected the possibility of leaving the European Union without an agreement. This leaves the situation at a gridlock.

Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

Both candidates claim that they will be able to achieve an agreement for the United Kingdom in order to leave the European Union, but neither candidate has shut the door completely with regards to leaving without a deal. On the other hand, the Scottish nationalists say that in the event of a ‘no-deal’ they will support a Referendum so that Scotland will be able to leave the United Kingdom. In the last referendum the Scottish public voted to stay within the United Kingdom so as not to leave the European Union. Therefore, for some a ‘no-deal’ Brexit puts at risk the partition of the United Kingdom. Additionally, the idea of putting forward another referendum for Brexit will increase the division between Brexiteers and Remainers and will continue to leave the problem unresolved if the Brexiteers win again.

There is also the vague possibility that even if Parliament reject leaving the EU without an agreement, there will be the option to deviate via the Queen so as not to have to go through Parliament. But this has also received great contention from former Prime Minister John Mayor who recently declared that if Boris Johnson (who is most in favour of this route) chooses this option, then Mayor will bring forward a lawsuit against Johnson. John Mayor has indicated that avoiding Parliamentary decisions would be an undemocratic move. This would have never been seen before; a former Prime Minister suing the current Prime Minister.

The situation is getting more and more heated, although as Oscar Wilde stated, ‘the only advantage to playing with fire is that one learns to not burn himself’, so hopefully the new Prime Minister will be able to learn.

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