Brexit on the Move, Happy New Year 2020

After the elections on 12th December, there was hardly any time to digest and reflect on the results when Christmas was round the corner.

The fact is that Boris Johnson got an absolute majority not expected by many. The majority was granted by Labour voters who, in pursuit of Brexit, put their trust in Boris Johnson instead of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“Let’s get Brexit done” took up the entire Tory Campaign.  However Brexit, as we will see in the coming months will not “be done” on 31st January, the day set for the UK to begin its exit from the European Union. Not many people realise that the agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson with the European Union it is not a “conclusion agreement” of the membership with the European Union, but the beginning of a long and thorny road of political and trade negotiations. Nobody knows today how many months or years it will take. What Boris Johnson agreed with the European Union is a Withdrawal Agreement. This means that the door will be opened for the United Kingdom to begin its exit, but when and how is still to be finalised.

It may be that even when the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, it will still be subject to the same regulations and requirements as the other member countries. So, the British people who wanted Brexit will be able to say that they got what they wanted, but perhaps only in theory because even if politically they are no longer part of the Union, the trade agreements will always have priority. It remains to be seen what conditions will constitute the basis of commercial agreements to come between the United Kingdom and the European Union. In the end, the snake may bite its own tail, and the UK may end up giving in again to the free movement of individuals or other sovereignty concessions in order to achieve what is in the interests of all companies, the free movement of goods and unhindered access to the market. Then, perhaps those who advocated Brexit will end up as the popular saying goes, “no saddlebags were needed for this journey”.

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