Brexit between coins and chimes

It seems like some Brits want to rejoice their departure from the European Union with an independence style celebration. Perhaps they feel as though they are finally freeing themselves from the European Union, and regaining their National Sovereignty.

Accomplishment-ceremony-education-graduation- photo by

However, for others it will be more like a day of mourning. A day when a State, which has decided that by sailing alone it will be stronger than continuing to sail with the Union, finally abandons the ship.

So far, 50 pence commemorative coins have been minted. This coin has been produced by the Royal Mint and is intended to mark the historic moment of Brexit.  Three million coins will go into circulation on 31 January 2020 and seven million more will be produced by the end of 2020. To make sure you receive a coin you must have registered before the 31st on the Royal Mint website giving your name and email, or just wait until they are in circulation and go to a bank, post office or shop in the UK.

source: Metro UK (Picture: HM Treasury via REUTERS)

 Although, many have already pointed out the lack of grammatical rigour in the message on the coin “Peace, prosperity and friendship”. According to the novelist Philip Pullman there is a punctuation error in the omission of a comma before “and” (known as Oxford’s comma in English spelling). 

With regard to the “chimes” that some people also wanted to hear from London’s famous Big Ben clock, it seems more unlikely that it will happen. The “Big Ben must Bong for Brexit” campaign has managed to collect almost £300,000 in more than 14,000 donations from up to 56 countries through the “GoFundMe” website. But according to official sources, the cost of preparations for the famous clock to play a bong at 23:00 GMT on 31st January is estimated at around £500,000. The bell is being restored and certain tasks would have to be advanced before it could bong.

Big Ben, Photo by Dominika Gregušová from Pexels

The government, in a meeting with the House of Commons, has ruled out going ahead with it and Big Ben will not ring until 2021. Perhaps, that will be a good date for reflexion whether abandoning the European Union ship was a step towards the promised glory or rather a clumsy setback towards disaster, or a mixture of the two!

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