Brexit between coins and chimes

It seems like some Brits want to rejoice their departure from the European Union with an independence style celebration. Perhaps they feel as though they are finally freeing themselves from the European Union, and regaining their National Sovereignty. Accomplishment-ceremony-education-graduation- photo by However, for others it will be more like a day of mourning. A day … Continue reading Brexit between coins and chimes

Brexit on the Move, Happy New Year 2020

After the elections on 12th December, there was hardly any time to digest and reflect on the results when Christmas was round the corner. The fact is that Boris Johnson got an absolute majority not expected by many. The majority was granted by Labour voters who, in pursuit of Brexit, put their trust in Boris … Continue reading Brexit on the Move, Happy New Year 2020

Where there’s a will there’s a way #BorisJohnsonandBrexit

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has started to unravel his Brexit strategy with different leaders from European Union countries. In trying to highlight the importance of staying true to the referendum results, Boris Johnson boasted a certain style of Brexit negotiation whereby he wants Brexit deal or no deal. During his visit to Paris … Continue reading Where there’s a will there’s a way #BorisJohnsonandBrexit