Brexit on the Move, Happy New Year 2020

After the elections on 12th December, there was hardly any time to digest and reflect on the results when Christmas was round the corner. The fact is that Boris Johnson got an absolute majority not expected by many. The majority was granted by Labour voters who, in pursuit of Brexit, put their trust in Boris … Continue reading Brexit on the Move, Happy New Year 2020

Brexit: Shakespearian Comedy or Tragedy?

(Audio version of this post) In 2016 just after the Referendum, in a tweet to Prime Minister Cameron, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk echoed Hamlet’s famous soliloquy by saying ‘to be or not to be together, that is the question’. Last year German European Minister Michael Roth wrote on Twitter that Brexit … Continue reading Brexit: Shakespearian Comedy or Tragedy?

What about us? Prime Minister

(Audio version of this post) Two years ago the British People voiced their wish to come out of the European Union. However, a voice living among the British was not heard. Eight weeks until Article 50 comes into action and the United Kingdom will be officially out of the European Union. After nearly two years … Continue reading What about us? Prime Minister